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German product designer Nina Rössler’s designs are strongly linked to her social and environmental beliefs, as well as her passion for fine-arts and yoga. While feeling deeply unsatisfied working within the corporate world, Nina created the concept of NUVI LIVING and NUVI NOMAD in 2014 while travelling through Southeast Asia. She went on to leave her professional career and shift her focus towards creating a company which aligns with her beliefs.

Inspired by the warmth of Asian materials, Nina now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has blended traditional Thai craftsmanship with her own style and European know-how to create a collection of sophisticated bags and yoga-based accessories for the modern, mindful nomad.


NUVI NOMAD’s Thailand headquarters are based in Chiang Mai, renowned for its traditional Saa paper and textile manufacturing. As the demand for handmade paper has declined over recent years, local communities are falling apart. By giving a new direction to what was once a dying industry, NUVI is helping to keep the craft alive.

In a world ruled by fast fashion and the flood of cheap products on the market, human exploitation is rampant. NUVI creates job opportunities under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.


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