designed in Frankfurt made with NUVI's teak leaf leather!
sustainable - fair - cruelty-free

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Vegan leaf leather purse

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Teak Leaf Leather

We've modernized the first fashion material

NUVI NOMAD presents:

Our leaf “leather” alternative made from teak leaves that are handpicked in the far North of Thailand, traditionally dyed by local artisans in and around Chiang Mai with non toxic colours and then sealed and refined by NUVI NOMAD’s innovative technique.

The result is an elegant, smooth, light-weight and durable, water and dirt resistant, vegan leather alternative, available in a range of beautiful colours. Our teak leaf leather is 95% natural and free of animal products and stands for fair, eco, designer fashion. Each piece is unique through the natural texture of the leaf and vibrant colour variations.

NUVI NOMAD is proud to call itself a PETA-approved brand.


Check out our newest collection of bags and wallets created by our wonderful designer and founder Nina Rössler!

About us

Time honoured craftsmanship & innovative design merge
to create products endowed with beauty and awareness.

About Us

NUVI NOMAD makes urban travel gear
using our vegan teak leaf “leather”.

The environmentally sustainable, fair trade and cruelty-free accessories
are made for the ethical fashionista and yoga lover with a passion for
a holistic lifestyle.

Based in Frankfurt Germany,
the company’s cornerstone principle is to create the best product,
without causing harm – while using fashion to inspire social and
environmental responsibility.

NUVI stands for la nouvelle vie, a new way of life;
inviting you on a journey for a brighter tomorrow.

Fair and Sustainable

In a world that is dominated by toxic manufacturing and the fast fashion business, the brand’s own teak leaf leather provides a clean, lasting alternative.

Inspired by the ancient Thai tradition of Saa papermaking, NUVI NOMAD fuses craftsmanship and natural materials in a modern design context. The result is a light-weight, durable, water-resistant, anti-fungal and non-toxic alternative to leather, available in a range of fashionable colours.

NUVI’s teak leaf leather is 95% natural and free of animal products.


Our Team

A unique team works
to turn a new leaf

Nina Rössler


Nuvi-Living is founded by German interior designer, Nina Roessler. With a respect for unique culture and craftsmanship, Nina oversees the creation of this holistic lifestyle brand–while infusing German precision and standards to ensure Nuvi represents excellence.

Jenny Jones

PR // Sales Manager

DETAILS Coming soon!


Rachan Chindarsi

Website Support

Rachan develops and maintains the Nuvi websites and helps out with online strategies. With a focus on sustainable and conscious community lifestyle, Rachan’s base of operations is out at THE Amazing Duo Web Design & Multimedia.

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    Nina Rössler
    CEO // Designer

    • Nuvi-Living // Throner Straße 7 // 60385 Frankfurt am Main // Germany
    • Germany: + 49 151 23258825 // Thailand: ‭+ 66 9929 03078
    • office@nuvi-nomad.com

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